Dog Shaped Cookie Cutter
Dog Shaped Cookie Cutter

Dog Shaped Cookie Cutter

Man and his best friend can enjoy mounds of yummy cookies made from our Dog Cookie Cutter from Ann Clark, Ltd., the Cookie Cutter people of Vermont!

Just for fun, help your dog get a bite on the competion with more doggie treats made from dog bone, car and cat cookie cutters.

Return to Traditional Cookie Cutters or munch your way through our entire selection of Ann Clark products.

Country Porch Gift Idea: Traditional tin cookie cutters also make whimsical package ornaments for birthday parties, doggie and hunt club parties. Pair it up with a Dog Felt Hat!

5" W

A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to
turn around three times before lying down.

-Robert Benchley
American Humorist
Dog Shaped Tin Metal Cookie Cutter $5.00/ea  Qty.
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